RETN and Transtelecom (Kazakhstan) launched in December 2016 a new terrestrial network– TRANSKZ – to connect the RETN pan-European network with Hong Kong. In a partnership between JSC Transtelecom and RETN,  the TRANSKZ Network is one of the shortest to connect Hong Kong to the Russian border via two routes passing through Kazakhstan – via Almaty and Astana to Dostyk. Depending on route the RTT can vary from 166 to 180 ms.

RETN Network
RETN Network,   Source of image: RETN


RETN’s drive to extend its reach and ramp up operational activity has resulted in constant network growth with special focus on cross border routes in both Europe and Asia. In less than 10 years RETN has established itself as a major player on an international level and raised the attention of well-known carriers, operators and companies all over the globe. The TRANSKZ Network is one of the most important and valuable projects completed by RETN.

“The TRANSKZ Network is definitely a success”, stated Dmitry Samarin, Chief Executive Officer at RETN. “As a result of the geographical development of our network we can now offer our partners and customers improved connectivity and resilience to the Far East. Thanks to the partnership with JSC “Transtelecom” RETN has surpassed the existing routes on the market.”

The TRANSKZ Network allows for transport of traffic from sub-1Gbps to N x 10 Gbps between Europe and East Asia linking three of the world’s biggest financial centres in London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. RETN’s local offices in these regions guarantee their customers first-rate commercial and technical support on both sides of the world.

Source: RETN