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Mission Statement

To be the first and topmost portal in global submarine cable industry for visitors, industry professionals and peers…

As a part of global communication infrastructure, submarine cable network is highly professional and a niche branch. Submarine cable network and its system information has long been mastered by very few professionals in telecom carriers which makes people who are interested in submarine cable hard to access to more information of such field.

As we know, submarine cables form the mission critical backbone of the internet. Without the development and stable and cost-effective running of submarine cable networks, the internet will suffer from heavy cost and low speed. Therefore, for a wide perspective, all internet users have the intent to understand submarine cable networks in some degree, especially when the access to the internet is impacted by the cable outage due to natural disaster or breakdown.

The semi-closed status of submarine cable network and its significance to internet reveal dramatically contradictive with the open feature of internet, and to certain extent increase the cost of internet. In this regard, Submarine Networks was established aiming to promote exchange in international submarine cable industry and decrease the social cost of internet by virtue of its unique structure, professional perspective and open platform. With innovative design, in May 2011, Submarine Networks website was formally launched and put into operation. Now it has been rated as the leading website specialized in international submarine cable industry.



Submarine Networks covers and contains comprehensive aspects in relation to subsea fiber optic cable. In the section of Systems, inventory on submarine cable systems is categorized by regions and system name. In every submarine cable system, you may find an article on Submarine Cable System Overview, with brief description of the submarine cable system, including but not limited to, cable length, design capacity, lit capacity, and construction cost, cable landing stations and owners, as well as submarine cable map. There are also some quite technical articles regarding network topology, network structure, network connectivity, latency (round trip delay) and other technical parameters. Of course, there is marketing information regarding the submarine cable systems. In the section of Stations, you may have the opportunity to have a glance over the location of most of the cable landing stations worldwide, submarine cable system(s) landed at each cable landing station, the owner and available backhaul service provider(s) at the station. In the section of Capacity Watch, latest news regarding the submarine cable industry and the global capacity market, as well as insight analysis are provided for visitors.

Of course there is much more to be improved, all the visitors, industry professionals and peers are invited to contribute ideas, insights and articles to enrich the contents.




Gripping on the opportunity pertaining to the thriving and mushrooming of international submarine cable industry, Submarine Networks is devoting itself into better serving for visitors, industry professionals and peers with its persistent expertise and dedication. 



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